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“Sento molto il rapporto di reciproca simpatia ....

tra chi progetta e chi adopera”. Achille Castiglioni

“Un designer sa che ha raggiunto la perfezione non quando

non c’è più niente da aggiungere, ma quando non c’è più niente da togliere!”
Antoine- de Saint-Exupérie

“Il design non è come sembra o come appare. Il design è come funziona” 
Steve   Jobs

"L'architettura è sempre stato un mestiere da ho sempre fatto finta di niente.."

Gae Aulenti



#Design speaks louder than words..






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Our team consists of dynamic, creative and highly qualified personal, who research and select the best furnishing solutions , provides advice and assistance in the design and interior architecture , with inspection and relief measures , as well as counseling, advice and specific guidance for restructuring and new buildings , in cooperation with local construction companies and architects .


    Our designers realize projects of furniture custom starting from your ideas , through the distribution of space , both inside and outside , the arrangement of furniture , technical diagrams for water and electrical connections of the kitchen and bathrooms , lighting calculations , through the choice of materials and their related color combinations , considering together with you the best solutions to your housing needs .


    Thanks to the experience and manufacturing capabilities, our craftsmen realize bespoke everything will be defined in customized design, working any material, from wood to iron through the glass to the composite and natural stones, reaching the exclusivity of a handmade product that maintains the characteristics of a product made “by hand” using the best raw materials.


    Thanks to our prepared technical personnel, we are able to perform removals and storing your furniture for the period you need. We also keep in stock the furniture you have purchased until your home is ready. This service will have to be agreed depending on the availability of space at the time of the request.


    Thanks to our trained technical staff we are able to take action on your kitchen by replacing your old built-in appliances, including a refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, dishwasher, etc., With a new one with higher energy class, recommending you the best products to ensure maximum efficiency with lower consumption.Also we replace and provide new worktops marble, quartz, Kerlite, glass, Corian, resins ultrima generation, woods, laminates etc.


    Our team of dynamic, creative and highly qualified persons, wants to offer the customer the opportunity to develop all their own desires and turn them into a single project.

    Through our network of collaborators and partners, “Linea Arredamenti” gives customers a complete service. Our collaborations include artisans and professionals: plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, plasterers, painters, upholsterers, tiler.

    Linea Arredamenti satisfy all aspects of the project of your home or your work space with graphic designs and the final rendering of space. treating and managing the coordination between companies carrying out the work and the suppliers, beating the time of intervention and monitoring the implementation of each construction phase by early identification of solutions to adopt constantly checking the quality of the work performed.


    Linea Arredamenti is always available to the customer for any problem or request intervention, both under warranty and out of warranty.A dedicated department responding to your requests for assistance to resolve any problem.


    Wide range of samples of fabrics for curtains, indoor and outdoor, for the home and contract. High quality materials, unique and exclusive design.

    Studying the best solution according to space and furnishing requirements, Linea Arredamenti provides design consulting for choosing curtains, fabrics, fire-proof coatings and wallpapers of the best brands, always taking into consideration the tastes, trends and demands of its customers.


    Linea Arredamenti, has always been particularly attentive to the needs of the new married couples, it is aware that for the first time decorate their home requires, as well as special attention, important investments. Therefore, in addition to reserve their favorable economic conditions, the chance to realize their WEDDING LIST at our Showroom inserting inside furniture items that will then furnish their apartment.



From a tradition of carpentry which dates from the early ’60s, Linea Arredamenti, company of furniture and lighting for the home, office and outdoor, today specializes in solutions for important villas, yachts and jets, has maintained constant time engagement in design research, new materials, innovative solutions, always aimed at interpreting the most contemporary trends of living and provide maximum freedom of approach between the different proposals, without ever forgetting the balance with tradition in order to achieve always the most “quality and design” for the client, without ever losing sight of its demands and needs. A team of dynamic, creative, highly skilled and trained technical staff, creates a full staff that want to offer customers more and more services to the achievement of the complete works of “turnkey”. Quality and design is our philosophy: quality products and design of the most prestigious brands of furniture made in Italy, placed in a custom project that starts from the idea and goes through the most rational distribution of spaces, both internal and external, the more functional arrangement of the furniture, technical diagrams of water and electrical connections for kitchen and bathrooms, those of lighting calculations, including the choice of the best materials, from floors to wall papers, from fabrics for upholstery finishes of the walls, and their relative combinations of color. Our Philosophy is based on achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Linea Arredamenti is in the furniture sector for over 50 years has indeed selected brands and quality and today offers to its customers, on an exhibition area of 1,200 square meters and an always-stocked warehouse of 600 square meters, a wide range of products for all areas, kitchens, living rooms, living rooms, sofa beds, carpets, rugs, lighting, furnishings, rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, curtains, fabrics , wallpaper, furniture doors and invisible doors, decorations, operational and executive offices, office chairs and communities, and solutions for outdoor furniture and, thanks to our lab “custom”, all that needs to be specially made .


The success is determined by passion, experience and a bit of intuition.

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